Generations FCU 2020 Annual Meeting News

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The Generations 2020 Annual Meeting took place online on July 22, 2020.  At this meeting, Board Chair Rosalie Manzano and President & CEO Ken Raymie, along with Board Treasurer Larry Reed and Supervisory Commitee Chair Kate Martin provided information about the credit union’s 2019 community engagement, organizational accomplishments, financial and audit results. Additional volunteers participating in the Annual Meeting included Board Vice-Chair Neira South-White; Secretary Paulette McClure; Joe Martinez; Anthony Rogers, Ph.D.; Warren Schott; and George Whitfield, Jr. Election results were announced, with nominees Rose Rangel; Anthony Rogers, Ph.D.; and George Whitfield, Jr. returning for three-year terms on the Generations Board of Directors.

Per credit union regulations, the Board of Directors conducted its Organizational Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting. New Officers of the Board of Directors were elected. Effective July 22, 2020, Officers are Neira South-White, Board Chair; George Whitfield, Jr., Vice-Chair; Rose Rangel, Treasurer; and Paulette McClure returns as Secretary.

Watch the 2020 Annual Meeting