Card transaction disputes resolved quickly.

If you have a transaction dispute you need to report on your debit or credit card, we're here to help.

Cardholder Disputes

If you have a transaction dispute on either your Visa® debit card or credit card, you will need to collect the following items to bring into your nearest branch in order to submit the dispute:

Fraudulent transactions (unauthorized) include:

  • Transactions that occurred face-to-face by an unauthorized individual, but the cardholder had the card in their possession
  • Card was lost or stolen and unauthorized transaction(s) occurred
  • Transactions processed that the cardholder does not recognize and specifically did not authorize

Non-Fraudulent transactions include:

  • Merchandise not received
  • Transaction paid by other means
  • Credit transaction not processed
  • ATM transactions

Once you have submitted the above items and we confirm the disputed transaction(s) are valid, you will see your disputed funds applied back into your account within 5-10 business days.