Simple. Personalized. Accessible. Everything you want in a checking account.

We believe in serving all generations, that’s why we offer account options for everyone in your family- from students on up.

With 55,000 surcharge–free ATMs worldwide and fully customizable accounts, you can choose the features that suit your needs:

  • Open an account with as little as $10
  • No monthly service fee*
  • Interest on daily balances over $1,500
  • Free box of standard checks per year

Reorder your checks directly through our authorized check provider: Harland Clarke or call 1-800-275-1053.

*Members receiving paper statements for their GFCU accounts will be charged a $2 per statement fee each month. The fee will be charged to the GFCU share account. To avoid any charges, sign up for eStatements at

Privilege Pay
Privilege Pay is a Credit Union provided service to assist you in maintaining your checking account when unexpected financial obligations arise. It will allow you to save time and have insufficient transactions to be paid, not returned up to a pre-determined limit. This service allows the following items to be paid using Privilege Pay: overdrafts for ATM (excluding cash withdrawals), clear share drafts, ACH debit or even one-time debit card transactions using your VISA® Check Plus card.

  • For a small $25 fee per insufficient funds transaction, Privilege Pay, will pay your transaction(s) up to $500 (including fees and transactions).
  • If you do not opt-in for Privilege Pay, Generations will not be able to pay any overdrafts you may have for ATM or one-time debit card transactions, and the transaction will be denied.
  • Any authorized signer on a joint account may register for Privilege Pay.

Contact our Member Service Center at 210-230-9393 to opt-in or register by completing this form and returning to a branch location or sending it to: Generations Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 791870, San Antonio, TX 78279-1870.

View VISA®Check Plus Disclosure

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How do I close an account?

Cardholder Disputes

If you have a transaction dispute on either your Visa® debit card or credit card, you will need to collect the following items to bring into your nearest branch in order to submit the dispute:

Fraudulent transactions (unauthorized) include:

  • Transactions that occurred face-to-face by an unauthorized individual, but the cardholder had the card in their possession
  • Card was lost or stolen and unauthorized transaction(s) occurred
  • Transactions processed that the cardholder does not recognize and specifically did not authorize

Non-Fraudulent transactions include:

  • Merchandise not received
  • Transaction paid by other means
  • Credit transaction not processed
  • ATM transactions

Once you have submitted the above items and we confirm the disputed transaction(s) are valid, you will see your disputed funds applied back into your account within 5-10 business days.