Current Loan Rates

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Auto Rates for 2017 and Newer Year Models

TermAs low as*
48 Months3.10%
60 Months3.10%
72 Months3.45%
84 Months6.20%

Used Auto Rates for 2008-2016 Year Models

TermAs low as*
48 Months3.54%
60 Months3.54%
72 Months3.74%

  • 84 months available for $30,000 or greater
  • 75 months available for $20,000 or greater
  • 60 months available for $10,000 or greater
  • 48 months available for $5,000 or greater

Title Loans are available at 3% higher than the standard New/Used Auto rates.

Motorcycle Rates for 2017 and Newer Year Models

TermAs low as*
12 to 36 months3.75%
37 to 60 months4.00%
61 to 72 months4.50%

Motorcycle Rates for 2008-2016 Year Models

Term As low as*
12 to 36 months4.50%
37 to 60 months4.75%
61 to 72 months5.00%

All rates are Annual Percentage Rates (APR). The APR is as of 11/01/18. All loans subject to approval. Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates and terms may vary based on creditworthiness. A fee of $75 will be assessed for any refinance of an existing GFCU auto loan. This fee applies to both secured and unsecured loans.