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Vehicle Protection and Peace of Mind

Are you financing your vehicle through GFCU? Then consider purchasing additional vehicle protections that pick up where insurance policies and manufacturer warranties leave off. Don’t let an unexpected event take the joy out of your new purchase.

Experience peace of mind with these optional benefits:

  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Advantage1 could eliminate or reduce costs that your insurance policy doesn’t cover if your vehicle is totaled due to an accident, fire, or theft. Protection also includes a $2,500 allowance to finance a replacement vehicle.
  • Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)2 keeps you protected after your manufacturer’s warranty expires. Get quoted for MMP coverage even if your vehicle is not financed with GFCU.

We’ve got you covered.


GAP Coverage

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) pays the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle (as determined by the owner’s primary insurance company) and the unpaid loan balance that’s owed.

This helps you cover out-of-pocket expenses that may occur due to an accident, fire or theft.

How does it work?

In the case of a qualifying event, you’ll receive a $2,500 credit to go toward a replacement vehicle within 90 days from the date your primary insurance company issues a settlement check.

Already closed on your auto loan? No problem! Members may choose to add GAP coverage to an existing auto loan or purchase for up to one year after the loan is signed.

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MMP Coverage

Major Mechanical Protection (MMP) coverage helps shield members from costs associated with most unexpected mechanical breakdowns, which may include engine trouble, transmission issues, electrical problems, air conditioning issues, and more.

Members with MMP coverage also enjoy 24-hour complimentary roadside assistance. Plus, coverage is transferable, adding resale value to your vehicle.

Some of the added benefits of this coverage are:

  • Tire Protection
  • Key Fob Repair & Replacement
  • Modified Vehicle Coverage
mmp coverage
1Your purchase of GAP Advantage is optional. Whether or not you purchase GAP Advantage will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any existing credit agreement you have with the Credit Union. There are eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions that could prevent you from receiving benefits under GAP Advantage. You should carefully read the contract for a full explanation of the terms.
2Plans are available for most new and used domestic and imported vehicles. Speak to a lending representative for vehicle eligibility criteria and more details.
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