Growth is always an option.

Consider a commercial line of credit.

A small business commercial line of credit is a great option for those companies that require flexible funding on an ongoing basis. For businesses that need to quickly access capital while leaving their credit card balances free and keeping its cash-on-hand intact, a commercial line of credit can often be a better choice than a loan.

Some good examples of where a commercial line of credit can come in handy are purchasing extra inventory, carrying accounts receivable or short-term working capital. Rather than having to process a new loan every time you need a cash infusion, or paying interest on borrowed funds you’re not using, a line of credit can be accessed when you need it. Repayment is simple as well, and can be made in regular installments or in the full amount of your balance.

Ensure funds are always available to finance your business expansion or investment.

  • Access to capital without tying up your credit card limit
  • Low minimum monthly payment
  • Overdraft protection when receivables fluctuate
  • Advances are always surcharge-free and can be completed instantly by phone, at a branch or online.

Equal Opportunity Lender. The credit union makes loans and extends credit without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or familial status.

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