12 Small Changes That Will Make Your Home Feel Like New

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You don’t need a massive renovation to make your home feel like new. Sometimes a few small changes will do the job!

  1. Paint your walls and/or the front door.

    You can do this on your own or hire a crew. If painting an entire room feels like too much change too fast, try an accent wall to see how you feel about the color.

  2. Change your curtains.

    If you like a lot of natural light, try sheer curtains. If you want to keep your house cool during the day, blackout curtains may work best. Even a small switch from one curtain pattern or design to another can change the whole aesthetic of a room.

  3. Try out some new organizers.

    Get a new look AND get organized. Shelves, book cases, under console containers, etc. can add new life to your room by getting clutter out of the way.

  4. Re-tile your bathroom floors or shower walls.

    If you’re feeling particularly confident in your skills, you can do this yourself. If not, hiring a contractor isn’t a bad idea.

  5. Install new doors.

    You can really make a statement with an eye-catching front door. Switching out hallway doors can also give the space a different feel. If you don’t want to shop for new doors, another solution is to simply add a new coat of paint to your existing doors.

  6. Change out cabinet handles.

    This is a relatively cheap way to change the look of a kitchen or bathroom. New cabinet handles are also pretty easy to change out.

  7. Refinish hardwood floors.

    Refinishing hardwood floors will leave any room looking clean and polished. However, this kind of work is extremely time consuming and may require hiring a professional.

  8. Change up the shower curtain, bath mat and towels in your bathroom.

    This quick-and-easy, no handy-man-skills-necessary project involves changing out the patterns and designs on your shower curtains, bath mats and towels. This is an inexpensive project that can be easily completed in a day.

  9. Bring some plant life into your home.

    Plants are great for decorating a living space! Certain plants will even help filter the air in your home. Don’t have a green thumb? Invest in fake (but realistic) plant options that you won’t have to worry about watering.

  10. Change out lampshades and fixtures.

    You’ve probably got quite a few lights around your home. Why not give them a fresh look with new shades or fixtures?

  11. Paint the ceiling.

    Looking to do something really out of the box? Add a little color to the ceiling in rooms with white walls. You’ll be amazed by the effect!

  12. Rearrange your furniture.

    It doesn’t get any cheaper than this! Sometimes moving a few items around the house, like a couch or a TV stand, can make all the difference you need for your home to feel like new.

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