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Looking to purchase a shiny new car? Or maybe you’re in the market for a reliable, previously loved one? Whatever your situation, you can trust us to finance your new purchase and cover all of your needs, including a variety of optional support services like GAP Advantage and MMP coverage.

  • Fast approval/closing to get you on your way
  • Easy and rewarding refinancing
  • Optional GAP Advantage coverage and MMP coverage. Get a Quote Today!

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Fixed Interest Rate Your interest rate will never change for the life of your loan, which means your payment amount or due date won't change either.
A Loan on Your Terms Choose a term you're comfortable with, from 48 to 84 months**. Flexible terms let you think a little bigger when car shopping, or think about paying off your car a little faster.
No Pre-Payment Penalties Unlike other auto loans, there are no unexpected fees for paying off your loan early. Just the expected feeling of satisfaction when receiving your title.
Pay Your Way You can make payments online, by mail, at your neighborhood branch or have them automatically debited from your Generations account.

**48 to 84-month terms are available for new auto loans only. 48 to 72-month terms are available for used auto loans.

Want to learn more? Visit our Rate page to view all current rates.

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It's never been easier to calculate your monthly payment. Use our Auto Loan Payment Calculator to enter your loan details, see your estimated payment and start your loan application today.

*Calculators are not a guarantee of credit or loans. Estimates produced by the Auto Loan Payment Calculator are not final or guaranteed. These estimates do not include asset protection costs.

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