When you’ve got unplanned expenses, you’ve got us.

A personal loan is an unsecured term loan which is typically paid in installments. A line of credit is a revolving loan, and both are based on your creditworthiness.

  • Offer fixed payment terms for the life of the loan so you know exactly how much you will pay each month for budgeting. 
  • A Generations line of credit gives you access to funds only when you need them.
  • Can be used for any expenses you may have from travel to the unexpected.
  • Loans secured by a Generations account are Share Secure Loans.

Take control of your finances and financial health

  • Structure as a line-of-credit so you can access funds when you need them
  • Use for unplanned expenses or debt consolidation
  • Unlimited advances – up to the available credit limit (minimum advance of $50.00)
  • No annual fee
  • Skip-a-Payment
Uses You can use your line of credit for anything, including debt consolidation, home improvements, major purchases (appliances, cars, RVs, boats, etc.), vacations and more.
Ways to Access You can access your funds through Online Banking, advance and transferring funds to your checking and savings account.
Advances Unlimited advances - up to your available
credit limit (minimum advance $50.00)
Annual Fee There is no annual fee.
Prepayment You can pay off your Personal Loan or Line of
Credit early with no prepayment penalties.
Quick Application If you apply online your application
will be processed within 24 hours.

Equal Opportunity Lender. The credit union makes loans and extends credit without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or familial status.

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*Calculators are not a guarantee of credit or loans.