Your cards managed your way.

You can now manage your Generations FCU debit cards and credit cards from Online Banking or your Mobile Banking App!

  1. Visit Online Banking or open your GFCU Mobile App on your device.
  2. Click Card Management from the main menu.
  3. Swipe left or right to find the card you’d like to manage.
  4. Select from the options available. You can change your PIN, set a travel notification, freeze your card or simply use your digital card for purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman on phone doing online bankingWhat is a digital card?
A digital card is a copy of your debit and/or credit card that is available in Online Banking or the GFCU mobile app. The digital card can be added to Apple Pay or Google Wallet to make purchases without having to carry a physical card.

How long do I need to wait before I can make purchases using the digital card?
The digital card is available for use immediately.

How long does the limit increase I set for my debit card stay in effect?
The limit increase remains in effect until the end of the same business day in which the limit was increased, at which point it will automatically be updated to the regular spending limit applicable to your card type/account.

What if I need to temporarily block my card?
The “Freeze Card” function should be used if the card needs to be temporarily blocked from all transactions and other card functionality. Selecting “Lost or Stolen” will permanently close the card.

If I reported my card lost/stolen but have since found it, can the lost/stolen card status be removed?
No. Once the card has been reported lost or stolen, the card cannot be reactivated.

Why do I receive multiple alerts when processing online payments/purchases?
As part of the merchant’s verification process, a preauthorization is submitted to verify that the card number is correct and active. Preauthorizations are normally submitted with a dollar amount that varies from the purchase amount. The preauthorization dollar amounts will vary by merchant.

Why did my card transaction get approved when I set it to decline in Card Management?
Setting a particular transaction type to decline using Card Management applies to transactions that are not PIN based. To block the card, please select Replace Card. This function will provide an option to report the card as Lost or Stolen.

Changing Your PIN

Why do I have to enter my current Personal Identification Number (PIN) to create a new PIN?
Protecting your account is our top priority. When a request is made to change a PIN on an account, we ask for the current PIN to confirm that the account holder is the person requesting the change.

How can I change my PIN if I don’t know my current PIN?
If you don’t know your current PIN, please contact Member Services, or visit one of our branch locations to retrieve it.

Freezing Your Card

What does it mean to freeze my card?
Freezing a card will temporarily block all card transactions from posting on your account. This feature is available to you to help you protect your account if you have misplaced your card and believe you know where it is. Once you have located your card, you can remove the freeze and start using your card again.

What should I do if my card was lost or stolen?
If you lose your card or it has been stolen, please use the Replace Card feature. This feature will permanently close your card so no unauthorized transactions can be processed. When this feature is activated, we’ll know you need a new card and will mail one to your address on file.  You can also call Member Services to have a card reissued.

Travel Notification

Should I notify Generations FCU when I travel?
Yes. If you are traveling outside of your normal purchasing area and plan on using one or more of your GFCU cards, adding a travel notification will help to protect the security of your account.

Can I make changes or cancel my travel notification?
Yes. You can make changes or delete a travel notification you have placed.

Do I need to place separate travel notifications for each GFCU card I will be using?
Yes. A travel notification will need to be placed on each GFCU card you plan to use while traveling. Additionally, if you have a joint account and the joint owner plans to use their card while traveling, the joint owner will need to place their own travel notification.

Will I be charged fees if I use my card internationally?
Additional fees apply when using your card internationally. Please refer to our Consumer Schedule of Fees & Charges for additional information.

Log into Online Banking or the GFCU Mobile App to start managing your cards now!